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Go digging for gold in the mountains, and make the whole city tremble and shake with your explosives! The gold you find, you can load it onto your van. The more money you earn, the more amenities you can build in your own town. The more gold the soil contains, the more expensive the piece of land; the more trees there are, the cheaper the piece of land. You can upgrade your van (bigger wheels, bigger loading capacity and stronger motor) and expand your mine, too. People are attracted by your town's amenities: entice them with taverns, shops, etcetera! If there's a lot of houses in an area, this earns you quite a lot of money. The bigger your explosives, the more gold you dig. You can discharge the gold you dig in the 'Drop zone'. When you've found all the gold or when you're out of fuel, the day comes to an end. So be sparing with your diesel!
Control: Move buildings to the town by dragging them from the right window. Do the same with explosives and click on 'detonate' to make them explode. Use WASD to control your truck.

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