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This is a nice detective game in which you'll have to solve a great number of murders. Your time's limited, so you'll have to do this in as little attempts (mouse clicks) as possible. You can play the game as follows: click on the puzzle pieces, so that clues will appear. The numbers on the pieces indicate how many items of interest are hidden beneath the adjacent puzzle pieces. There are several kinds of clues: the yellow ones will tell you more about a suspect, the blue ones will tell you what the murderer is NOT and the green ones on the contrary will tell you what the murderer IS. The red little fish are false clues, so try to click on these as little as possible. You can play this fun detective game in three game modes: the story mode, the endless mode and the duel mode. In the story mode it's important to reach the final. In the endless mode you have to solve an endless number of cases and get a top score. In the duel mode the detective and the inspector compete for the honour: here you can play against a human or against an alien. Have fun!
Control: Use the mouse to play this detective game.

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