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Jerry's Midnight Snack

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Jerry the little mouse is walking in his sleep. Can you guide him in the right direction, by putting arrows of cheese on his way? The green arrows disappear once Jerry's walked over them, the yellow ones don't. Guide Jerry to the key, that he needs to open the door. If Jerry hits a wall, he'll just turn around and keep on walking. If you place a spring on Jerry's path, he'll jump over the following arrow or obstacle. Unfortunately the room where Jerry's walking is full of dangers: holes in the floor and turning fans. If he hits one of these things, he'll lose one of his five lives. Fortunately there are positive things, too: the pieces of orange cheese are worth bonus points. The pale blue spirals, so-called teleporters, have a special function, too: they aspire Jerry, and blow him out somewhere else in the room. If you've put the arrows at the right place, you can press the green Start button. If you want to change something, just click on the red Reset button. Good luck!
Control: Use the mouse to play this Tom and Jerry game.

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