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Save the princess

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Help this brave prince to defy all dangers and save his princess! The fact is, she's been transformed into a frog, and only a magic potion can give her back her normal shape. So make sure that the prince will pass by the magic potion, so that he can take it to the princess. The stars are worth additional points, but you don't necessarily have to collect them. The prince will also encounter dangers on his path, for example pins sticking out of the ground. Help him skirt them, by placing cakes at certain spots. The prince will walk to the cake, and will avoid the pins. You can also block the path, so that the prince, once he's walked over a blockade, can't walk over it again. Have fun!
Control: Click on the 'go' button or press the spacebar to make the prince start walking. Bottom right, next to the 'go' button, you'll find the items that you can use to change the prince's route.

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