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Troglodytes 2

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A nice and challenging game with a kind of purple prehistorical monsters that look like little Gizmos. The purple creatures aren't the only ones that want to get at the other side: there are other monsters, too, that want to reach the other side. They're all crossing at the same time, and the group of monsters that's the first to reach the other side, wins the game. The little monsters multiply when you move them one stone forward. Think carefully which monsters you move first, and where you move them. When they land on an enemy monster, they'll kill it. Beware of the black-and-red lava stones! They'll kill the creature that steps on them, but afterwards they'll turn into normal stones for the monsters that will eventually have to walk over them later on. Just try, and you'll see that you can't get enough of it!
Control: Click on the stone you want to place your little monster on.

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